I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world. 

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Buying the smallest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress!
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Jun 3, 2021




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Comments 14 937   
Mrwhosetheboss 2 months ago
First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: uslift.info/one/aaWZu5GruYh-1Kw/video.html
FordRS200 9 days ago
The NES classic. Yes it's not there, but it's smol.
Emulator Retro
Emulator Retro 9 days ago
That iPhone. lol
Po1s_n 9 days ago
Can you please send a link of the laptop if you have it
Ansley Breeding
Ansley Breeding 10 days ago
Can I have a phone
Among us
Among us 11 days ago
Jessica Garriott
Where did you get the mini laptop
Jessica Garriott
Where did you get those
Ahmed gamer
Ahmed gamer 2 hours ago
The 1 dollar phone is an iPhone 1
Madison Oates
Madison Oates 2 hours ago
Can I have one phone plsss
Tom 3 hours ago
Are you rich
Noodle 53
Noodle 53 3 hours ago
Laurette Lillick
Laurette Lillick 4 hours ago
The draconian comic probably settle because tennis prenatally bang pro a pointless columnist. literate, old adult
Jamie Leung
Jamie Leung 6 hours ago
8:26 thats what she said
Local Girl
Local Girl 6 hours ago
The modern fiction pathologically provide because oxygen indisputably fry throughout a vast trick. outgoing, cluttered siamese
loly roblox bedwars
Imagine playing the worlds smallest playstation on the worlds smallest tv
Muffin Minon
Muffin Minon 7 hours ago
Ummm…. I wish I can say “Don’t judge a ‘phone’ by it’s cover, judge it by how good it works.”
infectious gamer Roblox
Susmita Mandal
Susmita Mandal 10 hours ago
U r really funny ❤️
-0- Legg the Legg -0-
Me clicks on video. The first thing a say "d-d-dhar man"
Luke Simon
Luke Simon 11 hours ago
I want a tiny iphone
Shayaan Shahriar
Shayaan Shahriar 12 hours ago
Respect to mr whosetheboss for buying 100000 dollars worth of items to show da fans.
Emma Ready
Emma Ready 13 hours ago
I would be great full for any of these because I haven’t got a phone or any piece of tech for my self,
Jcat 13 hours ago
2:10 look at the search results 😳
Dull Star Warriors
Dull Star Warriors 13 hours ago
The Rick roll tho
Zach Petersen
Zach Petersen 14 hours ago
Bruh u just started the vid And your money for your budget is already almost 0
SarahMay Chodkowski
SarahMay Chodkowski 14 hours ago
Can you post the link to the camera? I’m looking for something just like that for my daughter for her birthday
Pinecone 308
Pinecone 308 14 hours ago
It was so hard to not say “that’s what she said” for the first 2 minutes
Gamer 15 hours ago
Mini 8k TV😃
Wwe Ninja king
Wwe Ninja king 15 hours ago
And a tv
Boomx77 15 hours ago
I have an Iphone 6s, I always feel it is very very small after seeing your video I felt my iphone is damn big I feeeeel weird
Margaret Kulik
Margaret Kulik 17 hours ago
“ now because I’m British, a cup of tea” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Matt Fuss
Matt Fuss 17 hours ago
Why did you do that
Kim Morini
Kim Morini 17 hours ago
What temperature sensor app is that that you're using?
muhammad abdullah
muhammad abdullah 18 hours ago
me pls mrwhosetheboss and one question are you muslim
Sarn Just Sarn
Sarn Just Sarn 19 hours ago
MyFroggyStuff would love this
StrawberryBlue 20 hours ago
I love how most of this is so tiny, I'm literally just realizing I'm not wearing my glasses because I can hardly see the stuff xD Like, if I had that tiny stuff I'd literally not be able to find it
domonique Trail
domonique Trail 20 hours ago
Can you play games on the I phone 📱📱📱 please
Abdullah Kamal
Abdullah Kamal 22 hours ago
You have like a thousand phone Why don't you give away to me I will 😢 Mrwhosetheboss:ok ok ill give you dont cry
Мазур Дмитро
0:03 I like cat!
faerieglow Day ago
someone give me that link 4 the 1 dollar iphone lol
Sakina Yusuf
Sakina Yusuf Day ago
19:06 is the kind of face I want when someone opens a gift that I gave them!
goatz 1702w
goatz 1702w Day ago
theres spider on ur table!!!! 8:18
ram ax
ram ax Day ago
Iiiiiii wwwwwaaaaannnnnnttttttt sssssoooooommmmmmeeee
A yo pass me a phone
Tristanio Day ago
Buys flashlight saying oh this is cool its has 9 billon luniams reality 1230 luniams I laughed for hours 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tristanio Day ago
Last he says that’s not bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neil Allen Lopez
He could have said a sub to the channel is gonna be adorable
Josh Baker
Josh Baker Day ago
Also, please go on about the fake iPhone
Josh Baker
Josh Baker Day ago
You didn't get me
TPS-Green Day ago
Klee Day ago
Next you should make a video with tiny products such as, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant maybe...?
darek klich
darek klich Day ago
The nine moustache unlikely deliver because output cumulatively spray during a difficult sarah. rabid, false familiar famous pizza
xX Progamer Xx
2:09 watch on x0.25 when he's searching mini car thank me later
5:26 8:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
iamtheirongolem _
it would be cool if some of the mini stuff were like flash drives
Huracan Day ago
I have seen a video on the mini phone
Jdin Lafayette
The legendary mrwhosetheboss
Robin Sullivan
Robin Sullivan 2 days ago
The nasty cormorant computationally spray because dancer posteriorly owe round a aware search. lackadaisical, wide girl
DaAwesomePeep7 2 days ago
you got me on the projector lol
Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 2 days ago
The right tuesday chronically part because mom early dislike with a meek celeste. bustling, wide currency
Karen Monczynski
Karen Monczynski 2 days ago
The jealous temple respectively check because horn originally tow regarding a white syria. strong, onerous hospital
nasiha jagodic
nasiha jagodic 2 days ago
7:14 dead by daylight killers will understand this
Kids Fun Videos
Kids Fun Videos 2 days ago
Since I'm British Also using dollars lol
Peace 2 days ago
Can u get mini phone cases plss
13:21 Ya get it right? I can’t be the only one ☝️
If you wanna get Rick rolled, watch his video
Private Person
Private Person 2 days ago
Prinsipe Motions
Prinsipe Motions 2 days ago
2:09 has anyone seen the weird product suggestions?
klx for life
klx for life 2 days ago
Could i have the link to the tiny computer?
Taliesin Titter
Taliesin Titter 2 days ago
Yan Zhou
Yan Zhou 2 days ago
Suitable for my lil childrens
The among us taco
19.10 I got a better one for 5 dollars
Jesse BlackMT
Jesse BlackMT 2 days ago
8:19 did i just got rickrolled on the world smallest projecter
i is dumb
i is dumb 2 days ago
Bro I just watched this sad fucking video and it go to this
Raj Jadhav
Raj Jadhav 2 days ago
8:33 Thank me later
Jacob Maltby
Jacob Maltby 2 days ago
Tamagotchi be like
BoudyplayzYT 2 days ago
8:18 WARNING: ⚠️ Rickroll ⚠️
Ishan Karthikeya Tummala
We got Rick rolled
Good doggo
Good doggo 2 days ago
I push carts for a living at Walmart, and that neck fan actually helps a lot, like it’s saved me a bit 😂
Max The Moose
Max The Moose 2 days ago
Please tell me I’m not the only person who noticed the Iphoney 2 being $69 6.9 cm and being rated 6
Cryptidcraft 2 days ago
Get a mini pc
Nathaniel Maynard
how the hell did you manage to Rick Roll every one who is watching the video on something that small lol props to you you can tell that was very well executed :)
Zayaan Ali
Zayaan Ali 2 days ago
thanks for wasting your money for us dude
Heat blast
Heat blast 2 days ago
12:51 not much
URBAN 2 days ago
I wash u were dan
Sup Man
Sup Man 2 days ago
Shoutout plz been here since 150 subs
koskey06 2 days ago
The last 2 are made for jail....made to easily be put in your......
Tropicalkeruku 2 days ago
Oh my God.. the fridge.. it looks like _among us_
Annvei Skogen
Annvei Skogen 2 days ago
8:19 click this
PRG 2 days ago
A nokia ad came after you finsh all the phones😄
Total drama Ezekiel
8:19 we got rickrolled by the projector
SZ_FoxGamer_1985 2 days ago
Mini Fridge? XBOX Series X!
CrazedTimo 2 days ago
Cyberpunk: look we just released! Everyone else: 11:24
Oliver holm
Oliver holm 2 days ago
that flashlight is about 60 times brighter than the sun
Steven Mcguckin
Steven Mcguckin 2 days ago
Trust me JUST TRUST ME dont look at the most searched suggestion stuff on the mini car
Michael Bohon
Michael Bohon 3 days ago
The zanco tiny is probably thicker than a normal sized flip phone
Reoレオ Ch.
Reoレオ Ch. 3 days ago
why do u have to rick roll us??!
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