Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison. 

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A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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Jan 21, 2021




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Comments 23 217   
Mrwhosetheboss 6 months ago
I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too! uslift.info/one/gqLgsbSjtYphprA/video.html
juliana padua
juliana padua 24 days ago
Mohd Shokri
Mohd Shokri Month ago
Fake all fake
hsjsjsjsj Month ago
Pls give me😭😭😭😭
Buddhika Senaratne
Buddhika Senaratne 2 months ago
Please do more camera comparisons - This are the best comparison I've ever seen🥴👊👊👊📸😎🤩
ranu veer
ranu veer 2 months ago
Do another video on OP9 pro with its latest software updates, thanks
J musicca
J musicca 5 hours ago
i dont agree with the s10 comparison, recently compared s7 -> s10 -> s21 ultra = color tone is best on the new one but s7 is very close - just a tad bit too cold, s10 pictures however look very yellowish and warm - just generally way overdone colors...
Fat Freddy’s Coat
My wife’s old Galaxy S7 takes better portrait photos than the S20 and S21 Ultra.
Jerry Singh
Jerry Singh 10 hours ago
Me watching a camera comparison video, USlift somehow decided 360p is the best quality to watch it with 😅
JM Siarez
JM Siarez 11 hours ago
Just give the Iphone😊😁😂
dozer games
dozer games 14 hours ago
I'd like to just say I like how you show the respective scoring for the cameras
SavageXzombiex 16 hours ago
So I'm the only one bothered by "Stabalisation" ?
george cousins
george cousins 19 hours ago
Wonderful and informative video, loved it. I just upgraded from an iPhone 11 promax to the S 21 ultra. Yes, I know it’s not that great a leap but the zoom is really what I am all about. Being visually impaired I need to make up for it in anyway I can and the ultra give me that ability. I learn so much from technically knowledgeable people like you that I actually know if you things now LOL. You are Greatly appreciate it and you have a friend in Columbus Ohio!
Gef Bisos
Gef Bisos 20 hours ago
That dot in samsung is making me uncomfy :/
cyber truck
cyber truck 21 hour ago
7 minute mark You can see a ufo on the samsung
morgan free
morgan free 22 hours ago
So samsung has a better camera overall ???
Juan Pablo Garzón
Juan Pablo Garzón 23 hours ago
EmperorNike 23 hours ago
goes to show how camera software is more important than hardware
MrChristia Day ago
Samsung won this
Musta7a Sadeqy
برو تو بد ايفون ميگي گوزوك
Rock Justice
Rock Justice Day ago
You do amazing great work
Michael Pettett
These 2 are worlds apart because of iPhone service. Everything beats iPhone always... Cheers mike
amogh gomarkar
You're reviews are always biased towards Samsung
Saraswathi K
Saraswathi K 2 days ago
You always discourage the iPhone
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 2 days ago
iPhone is better
Creamy Apple gaming
am i the only one that got rick and rolled
Evelyn Odigie
Evelyn Odigie 2 days ago
You are so handsome
Zinad said
Zinad said 2 days ago
I don’t mind the Samsung portrait mode
Shamal kumar Ray
Shamal kumar Ray 2 days ago
sonny is better than Samsung
click here
click here 2 days ago
0:35 rickroll
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Meow 2 days ago
Why don't samsung and iphone work together? They can create a fantastic future smart phone🤔
Meow 2 days ago
@Pinned_byDigital asset news who are you?
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Stošić 3 days ago
Why is my dad's old Galaxy S9 have better camera and better zoom quality than my Galaxy S20? Fuck you samsung, im done with you.
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Marvin Anthony Gomez
Don't be oa🥴
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 3 days ago
...and the winner is HUAWEI !!!
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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ImAbood 3 days ago
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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prunity 3 days ago
my first smartphone was samsung galaxy S4
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Shahal Zaxo
Shahal Zaxo 3 days ago
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Trmce 3 days ago
The reason i choose samsung cuz having an android is freedom, does ios users know how it feels to download apk or anything you wanted on internet sites
Trmce 2 days ago
@Neil Ganguly avg apple fan
Neil Ganguly
Neil Ganguly 2 days ago
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Danial Umer
Danial Umer 3 days ago
Is the Samsung used in this video snapdragon or exynos?? Please guide anyone
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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FREE GAMES 3 days ago
LMFAO are you an apple fanboy or what? e.g. the sound, did you really trying to tell us that you believe that the two are equally good? i think you need a hearing aid and glasses.
FREE GAMES 2 days ago
@Pinned_byDigital asset news report that spam
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Patrick Josh Gallardo
Good point bro but you do not include the durability test which everyone is care of, and i think apple has the advantage.
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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VS Instinct
VS Instinct 3 days ago
This was both fun and helpful. Thanks!!
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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leo cbook
leo cbook 3 days ago
6:09 s21 audio vs iphone in tornado 😂 apple needs to spend some that 2 trillion on a microphone, "but apple is the best it makes feel cool" dumb culture sheep "poor people are just jealous, andriod is for poor people ew"
Pinned_byDigital asset news
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Dilligaf 3 days ago
My ''sensor'' says this : the apple looks more natural , the kimchi looks more pleasant and you , you run like a girl .😀🙏
Mor M21
Mor M21 3 days ago
I have the s10 plus and the s21 ultra has the most incredible camera I've ever seen
Hazardus Gaming
Hazardus Gaming 3 days ago
Main thing is brand name Kata hua sev
romahnae 3 days ago
Lol sounds 7:47 like some lyrics for house/trance/pop music
mohammed manshaf
mohammed manshaf 3 days ago
The ones who disliked this video is die hard fan of iphone😂.
Wen Mag
Wen Mag 3 days ago
The spiteful crowd unprecedentedly remember because taxi initially bore aside a scrawny month. erratic, omniscient feedback
copyright free video
copyright free video
Jamil Muhammad
Jamil Muhammad 4 days ago
Samsung s21 ultra boss of all mobile phones...
jusvibz 4 days ago
Apple iphone 11 is the same as the iphone 12 which is the same as the iphone 8 its the worst phone I've seen
41Fivin 4 days ago
I don't get why people put so much emphasis on a freakin phones camera. I been buying Samsung since note 1 and that's because it was a great phone and still is to this day as well as the s series. The s pen was a game changer back then and to me it still is. Now when it comes to the camera unless it's side 2 side with other cameras I couldn't tell you which one is which or the better one. Who cares? When you take pictures you ain't gonna be taking a pic of something with 2 different cameras in order to get the best photo possible. The chip battery resolution and other stuff of that nature is what's important to me. Hey your the boss Mr. I bet a boss carries 5 phones but us regs have one two at most. Greatest review channel ever. EVER! I know a few reviewers that wish they were you Mr boss. Peace
Ali's creative channel
somehow this man is able to sneek in a rickroll in every vid
Tech Kitchen
Tech Kitchen 4 days ago
I need to sell my 2 kidneys to afford these 2
haari 4 days ago
Watching it in 240p😂
Dahamster_qt 4 days ago
I think there’s a rickroll in almost every vid
Tapiwa Chari
Tapiwa Chari 4 days ago
IPhone 4ever
George B
George B 4 days ago
They updated portrait mode on s21 u
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez 4 days ago
I'm watching on my galaxy s20 ultra. It's all I could afford and I am NOT giving up my SD card.
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez 4 days ago
@Dylan Power I meant I couldn't afford the S21
Austin Hernandez
Austin Hernandez 4 days ago
@Dylan Power No, I got it for $650, with a contract, so it's not that much. I was offered the deal by AT&T, and I couldn't turn it down!
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 4 days ago
It’s all you could afford. Umm it’s over £1000
Watching this video on my S21 ultra ❤❤
w h
w h 4 days ago
I have been with Apple😭 for years and purchased many of their products. No More. I receive my SAMSUNG S21 ULTRA tomorrow 😁
200M Subscriber For NO REASON
rip iphone 13 coming soon
Midnightx 2 days ago
I get my iPhone 12 Pro max tomorrow 😁
Man 2 days ago
How has your experience been so far?
Xyrille Angelo Navarro
Imagine you have the Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra but after 3 years it starts having side efect
Xyrille Angelo Navarro
@philip simon ok I hop it helps
philip simon
philip simon 4 days ago
꧁BƏÆMĒŘ-MÆÑ꧂シ • 69 years ago
Solution: just buy a good camera. Don't buy either of the phones
SSJMark 4 days ago
Got some good shots of the moon with my s21 ultra
JIM Media
JIM Media 4 days ago
Last one's a bit weird as Apple has ProRaw which increases the dynamic range
TheRetenor 4 days ago
Ok lads, is it just me, or does the iPhone microphone almost sound like one of those 20$ discound USB microphones?... It has such an electrical sound...
Black Shadøw
Black Shadøw 19 hours ago
that's apple for you. If you think about everyone just buy it for clout especially in the US , sometimes idiots judge you if you use Android 😂, and clearly apple took advantage of it and now we spend shit ton on shit we don't need
Reham can't pick a username lmao
Yeah, it sounds cheap
The Crazy Amateur Runner
IPhone vs any Android flagship, no.comparison whatsoever, iPhone always loses and sucks big time 🤣🤣🤣
Midilaj Vlogger
Midilaj Vlogger 4 days ago
Heinrich Johnsen
Heinrich Johnsen 5 days ago
iphone audio is better
rejia Ahmed
rejia Ahmed 5 days ago
S21 for the audio
HUNAIN GAMING 5 days ago
Himaloy kazi
Himaloy kazi 5 days ago
I want for Samsung I like it
philip simon
philip simon 4 days ago
Ernest Joseph Caudilla
Hi i have been your follower/subscriber for many years... You have opened a lot of great phones... Maybe its time for you to give me at least one high end phone... Thanks... I will help me a lot...
Billione 5 days ago
Helal Saif
Helal Saif 5 days ago
Want to buy samsung s21 ultra but my whole family uses Iphone, what do?
Helal Saif
Helal Saif 5 days ago
@Billione you have point but I will be missing the air drop feature, no worries. thanks for commenting
Billione 5 days ago
You should be allowed to get a Samsung you don't have to have the same as they have
Arup Mazumder
Arup Mazumder 5 days ago
Watching this video in a 2GB RAM phone.
g3 5 days ago
everlxxing 5 days ago
my phone barely has 1 megapixel more than the iphone 12 pro max
K i r k H 4 2 0
K i r k H 4 2 0 5 days ago
....taking close-up photos of the desk he says. LOL! Actually I run into that problem often when I'm trying to take pictures of flowers. Usually what I do is get the device really close, I press the screen to make it focus, and then I slowly pull the phone away from the plant. When it gets to the right position the image becomes clear, showing every detail of the Trichomes. Being able to easily take these pictures would be helpful to anyone with my interests.
adharsh ejo
adharsh ejo 5 days ago
Had to watch more than three shity adds before watching your video. That's really annoying
Troy Boy
Troy Boy 5 days ago
0:35 we all got Rick rolled without even knowing
yash saraswat
yash saraswat 5 days ago
Bro the main thing is that you don’t like iPhone 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sangita Chavan
Sangita Chavan 5 days ago
He is a iPhone personally. From 2020
Daljeet Kaur
Daljeet Kaur 5 days ago
It was very good Aaron. Looking forward to new ones
Ishpreet Guitarist
iPhone's camera takes extra warm photos
philip simon
philip simon 4 days ago
zt9233 5 days ago
so the s21 ultra is doing a weird lens thing also it almost looks like it's jello smearing or motion blurring in my day to day use the iphone I'd far from.perfecg (not.sure about apple using it in drone footage in the keynote) but it's better than any android not just in vid quality but also phone doesn't get as hot and can record more than 15 min
zt9233 5 days ago
this is one of the main reasons to stay iphone. I want the best video of my kids.
KittyLazyBeamz 5 days ago
I will take the one not made in a sweat shop by children.
Muhammad Itani
Muhammad Itani 5 days ago
When you consider a smart phone, its a bit of a short sight to look at one aspect and decide that one is better than the other. Today's smart phones have many functions, and people use them as phones a small fraction of the time, so they should be renamed one day to something else besides "smart phones". Anyway a year ago my fiance and I decided to switch our IphoneX po max to Samsung S21 Ultra. Hands down the camera is way better with many functions on Samsung compared to the iphone. But that was it, the functionality on the iphone was better and seamless. I'm talking basic stuff like face recognition, worked better and faster on the iphone. The in screen finger print scanner on the Samsung was a hit or miss depending on the phone mood for the day. Even entering a pass code on a locked screen had to be done twice or 3 times for the phone to get the right code. This was just the beginning as we discovered that all the apps we ran were better optimized for the iphone and didn't run as seamlessly on Samsung. 3 frustrating months later we decided to trade our Samsung smart phones in for iphones 12 pro max, best decision ever. Despite losing some money, we could never be happier with our decision. There are really no gimmicks, no matter how advanced, that will ever convince me to switch to a Samsung or an Android phone again.
Akonwie Gaston Gaston
Watching this with my Tecno is so fun.
SHADOW0P 5 days ago
People from future be like:-what this man talking about
Luiz Fernando
Luiz Fernando 6 days ago
sarada demigod
sarada demigod 6 days ago
Most people buy iPhone cz they love the logo behind the phones and it's kind of a status statement...as far as Samsung s21ultra is concerned...it costs more than a lakh...Is it worth??
Sangita Chavan
Sangita Chavan 5 days ago
It does worth 1 lakh & Most people buy samsung they have 20% market share compared to Apple's 11%
ZENO ONEL 6 days ago
0:07 and what about huawei p40 pro or mi 11 ultra or zte axon 30 ULTRA?
Mohmmed Error 404
0:34 the rickroll bro
Nokia Gameplayz
Nokia Gameplayz 6 days ago
lol he rickrolled us at 0:35
Shiva Vishwakarma
DIZZED DESIGN 6 days ago
Cameraman's batter then both of them😂😂😂
Irfantomy 19
Irfantomy 19 6 days ago
iya juga ya
Random 6 days ago
MI 11 Ultra 6 Months Later: Let Me Introduce Myself Lol
Adriano Fochini
Adriano Fochini 6 days ago
I have no idea how you can make such bad photos or videos on an Iphone 12 pro max. I have mindblowing better results with mine.
Mito 6 days ago
He didnt say they were bad, he just showed samsung is superior on photography by a small margin
Fish:Capish 6 days ago
Me whit a Huawei: 🤡🤡
shragor gaming
shragor gaming 6 days ago
And what about games?
Sangita Chavan
Sangita Chavan 5 days ago
IPhone slightly better for heat management
Watching this video with S21ultra 😌😎
mmm mmm
mmm mmm 6 days ago
Iphone audio u can hear wind
Sangita Chavan
Sangita Chavan 5 days ago
Lol s21 also have noise cancellation
Vitesh Rampaul
Vitesh Rampaul 6 days ago
So 6 months later, has Samsung fixed portrait mode? This is the main thing skewing my decision of the 2. I like the extra versatility of the Samsung's cameras, but do appreciate the excellent iPhone portrait shot
Mito 6 days ago
Yes samsung added 3 options for portrait mode ultrawide,wide, 3x telephoto
Szilárd Simó Rózsa
They should make the IPhone galaxy infinity
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