The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore. 

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet: uslift.info/one/mJ6q1aal0XVokX4/video.html

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Feb 11, 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss 5 months ago
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet: uslift.info/one/mJ6q1aal0XVokX4/video.html
Hayden Mills
Hayden Mills 8 days ago
Hah my Motorola came with a charger.
Sohum Raina
Sohum Raina 18 days ago
Remember me
Sebastian Torres
Sebastian Torres 25 days ago
MC Jibi 007
MC Jibi 007 Month ago
I feel like I got ripped off I should've just kept my eleven
Almond 27 minutes ago
It’s like buying a tv but with no outlet
vapete 123
vapete 123 Hour ago
If companies like Amazon continue to use oversized Corrugated Cardboard Boxes to dispatch small items they're not going to keep a responsibility claim on Environmental issues, its about time they adopted the use of single use biodegradable packaging the likes of which are and have been used for many years in other countries around the world. Perhaps adopting shrink to fit packaging is the way forward .. nothing is impossible
cL4nny official •
When companies said they wanna go green 🌳 🌳 🌳 they mean......🤑🤑🤑
I Have No Name
I Have No Name 3 hours ago
any imbecile knows they didn't do it for the environment.. they did it for increased revenue
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Snyder 3 hours ago
We now have the ability to sue apple
What? 4 hours ago
It's not healthy at all for environment You know you will buy a new charger and there's the packaging If they not separate the charger in the phone there will be a cheaper use of plastic and box or paper
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez 4 hours ago
Very true I have so many boxes from iPhone 12 Pro Max I got a box for the cube a box for the Apple headphones and my for s21 same mf thing but she had to buy an extra charger cuz she didnt have a backup charger
Brayan Castaneda
Brayan Castaneda 4 hours ago
I looked up on Google and it says for my iPhone 12 mini is gonna need a 20w charger but can you use a 18w charger also with the phone or no
Garth Muir
Garth Muir 5 hours ago
I like how you danced around the fact that this all was most likely to increase their profit line. If I take this $1 charger out the box I save $1 but I then turn around and sell it back to you for $30 that’s pure genius
atul raj dhawan
atul raj dhawan 11 hours ago
he opened my eyes
lrlen 11 hours ago
By 2030 they would not include the phone in the box and they won’t ship the box for the environment
Somu Tharun
Somu Tharun 11 hours ago
I want s20
Sambhav Kharel
Sambhav Kharel 12 hours ago
In this condition to stop this we should actually not buy the phone who don't include charger and buy the phone which have a charger " So they will understand what is good for us and to talk more about this u can join my zoom meating and to get id plz follow amd send message me instagram "
Vega Films
Vega Films 12 hours ago
I haven't replaced my Note10 with a new S21 Ultra because of the charger situation. Maybe its just me 🤷
xVik_ 12 hours ago
It’s for thr environment and for economy. Which they sell separately
saurav sandeep Das
saurav sandeep Das 12 hours ago
What an perspective 😳👏👏👏
Sasmit mishra
Sasmit mishra 13 hours ago
this was released on my bday
Vijay Sridhar
Vijay Sridhar 14 hours ago
I understand the ear phones. But charger that's just greed.
The Drifter
The Drifter 15 hours ago
i still don't know why people bought into their bullshit of "its for the environment" you end up using a lot more packaging when buying all of these items separately you wanna know what you also do? pay more before you paid for not just the phone but the accessories but now with newer gen they cost more then previous phones but come with less its just a shitty marketing technique that video games have used of "charge more give less"
thilina gamage
thilina gamage 15 hours ago
Don’t buy these. Mid range phones are better.
Mr. Rex
Mr. Rex 16 hours ago
Another thing you could for the headphones issue is a USB C to 3.5mm headphone jack converter. It's definitely a little more bulky, but imo more convenient, because you aren't restricted to USB C specific headphones
BQ-92 16 hours ago
At the very least, I think these companies should provide chargers and earphones every 3 (or however frequent they deem fit) years because I personally like to use accessories from the parent companies and after reading comments (lots of them) here and on amazon on the review of some accessories I feel the experience is just not the same with accessories that are not from apple, samsung etc.
Willis I like food
Willis I like food 20 hours ago
$2,000 for the motherboard everything else is a collective $1,500. Then $900 for the charger. And $600 for the 1st party head phones.
Cookie 20 hours ago
Wireless charging is really stupid as a primary way to charge a phone anyway, having a pad on your desk to put headphones or your phone down on it while on your computer but when I go to bed, I wanna watch videos on my phone, so I need a cable or I'm not gonna be able to watch videos
Prasanjeet26 21 hour ago
Why are these asswipes not reducing the cost? When they're removing accessories one by one, by not reduce price too? Why the hell am I paying MORE MONEY for LESSER ITEMS? Doesn't make sense at all.
Thom De Jong
Thom De Jong 22 hours ago
Just an ordinary way to cut their costs and make more money out of you!
Yousef Andera
Yousef Andera 22 hours ago
It's like buying a drink without the drink in it
Yousef Andera
Yousef Andera 22 hours ago
It's like buying a car without wheels
Yousef Andera
Yousef Andera 22 hours ago
This whole entire video could have just been 10 seconds you could have just said The reason they don't put charging blocks in the boxes because they want us to pay more money for the charging block
raiixz 22 hours ago
9:36 look in the bottom right, i saw that arun!
Parsa Yousefzadeh
Parsa Yousefzadeh 23 hours ago
Apples advertising in 2030 be like: iphone 20, backglass, battery, ram, rom, cpu and screen sold separately
Zelda Dude
Zelda Dude Day ago
I opened this video like 20x and there was always an add of an apple product except ONE TIME.
Mar S
Mar S Day ago
Lies they could of included a usb c adapter which is super small
random person
What do you do with the extra phones you always buy
Saw this video now and also that arun basically crying from 2nd minute 😢
Ahraaz Khan
Ahraaz Khan Day ago
Lol mine came with a charger
Solarius Day ago
This is what I'm trying to say during our mini-debate on our class about less charger being more "eco-friendly" because of the fact that, not only producing a charger for one company, doesn't mean other companies would. And this would be a chance for others to be have a "business" that focuses on chargers.
David Akinmoyede
The removal of charger is still reasonable and forgivable, it's the earphone removal from the package that I don't understand.
Kiri Day ago
Thisisjamesg Day ago
Companies love using "but the environment" excuse for anytime they just wanna milk the consumer of more money
HereisScar Day ago
We don't need more than 30 to 40 watt charger but i don't know why they are making it to strech
Dalia Oprah Royce
The way he talks, i just believe him. Thankfully, he’s reliable.
Shahaf EIsenstein
I Don't know about you... but I didn't saw a lot of time someone using the OG earphons that came with the box. Dont find any reason to throw charger all the time, Now using Iphone 8+ and going to buy new one and still using the same cable from my old Iphone SE 1 the 8+ cable is still in the box after 4 years. Just got a new Brick for the wall and still using it for 3 years
l Sevuaoun l
l Sevuaoun l Day ago
You could've answered this in 10s video
KicksReview J
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Raiqsir Day ago
My dad got a iPhone 12 in the uk and got a charger included
Siddharth Sid
Companies are doing this just so that they can add the cost of the charger to their new phone and still make that phone look cheaper than last year's model.
And how do YOU know?
Mushroom temple
He speaks the truth
danijel124 Day ago
I think consumers are starting to realize what a scam apple is loolz. I would sell apple stocks if i had them ;)
danijel124 Day ago
They make more money this way. Its completely logical loolz... They dont put the charger, but you have to buy it seperately
Ethan h
Ethan h Day ago
Apple and Samsung: removes packaging and charger Carbon emissions 📈
Nora Salvatierra
Packaging isn't even the only factor in environmental damage. Creating the phone itself produce a lot of harm for the environment and even people. From mining precious metals (a lot of times done in an unethical way), logistics of the materials for assembly, the assembly itself and even the disposing of the phone are far more significant factors of environmental harm.
maverick plankton squash
bruh of corse its abt the environment i dont care about the environment i just want a charger damn
ZoeyBayy Day ago
"a lot of companies are going to stop including free cases" ".... you guys got cases?"
Mike D
Mike D Day ago
They dropped the charger so they could ship more phones per pallet. That’s good for profits! That’s the REAL reason. Profit…
B bob gaming
B bob gaming Day ago
God these companies are just getting more and more scammy
ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ
Scammy and scummy
Leo Mühlenhoff
And lets not forget that the whole eco argument completely fails once someone decides to drive their car to the nearest bestbuy in order to get a charger
justin beam
justin beam Day ago
Next you will have to pay a subscription to actually make your phone work and not die I would not be surprised
M A R Day ago
let's just say it- they're being cheap.
kahan shah
kahan shah Day ago
he get 10 million subscribers because he said it was eco friendly to subscrbe to him lol
Cristian Toma
they want to make money.this is not about eco friendly.they should reinvent the battery to be eco friendly
Heba Aborig
Heba Aborig 2 days ago
YouTooz 2 days ago
The only reason the companies are doing this is so they can sell more headphones and chargers
Jatin B
Jatin B 2 days ago
The fact that including earphones and a charger in one small box including the phone and manuals is already the best option is just ignored....
YouthTeacher 2 days ago
Wow! Look, style, and mannerisms, you are the non-Black version of Marques Brownlee!
Witty Wyatt's Best Gaming Walkthroughs
Why buy galaxy buds when you can buy Raycons??
Dennis Ottersen
Dennis Ottersen 2 days ago
Does anyone remember the time when you went to the store and bought your charger… Walking out with a physical charger the day you payed for it… Barely having any packaging at all. Anyone remember that…?
Gamer 2 days ago
None of them really care about eco friendliness. It's all gimmick. They just want to generate more money. That's all it is. They stopped giving chargers so that the wireless charger will sell like hot cake.
ULTRA _VOLTY 2 days ago
4:20 AKG is owned by Samsung now, they aren't 'AKG tuned'
Niranjan S
Niranjan S 2 days ago
The best solution is the make 2 variants. The model that has charger and the on that doesn't. By doing this they might increase the price but still, this is eco friendly
Mayhom L
Mayhom L 2 days ago
Why do I feel like apples only removing chargers to get more money. Eg: the charger is free with the phone. And they’ve only just released it meaning…. They’ve now started doing it for profit reasons
de Schurk
de Schurk 2 days ago
to solve this a little you could... NOT BUY AT AMAZON!!
Pratik Patil
Pratik Patil 2 days ago
I wish Apple never existed. It sells more Bullshit than phones.
Mohammed Al-Raihan
One of the only details i noticed in the video was the fisher cube at the beginning
pheanix [au]
pheanix [au] 2 days ago
Chargers fail... need to be replaced... need support people to handle new charger... BIG saving added to profits.
Sunera Haputhanthiri
you think phone companies dont know this? hell no, they just want money
mpe 2 days ago
In old days .... A phone box has Earphones, charger, phone ,a template glass for protection After that...... Charger phone, phone cases, template glass,phone Now .... Phone case, charger, phone Sometimes a template glass Later......... ...- phone
Tasin bin Asghar
Tasin bin Asghar 2 days ago
In 2100 You get the phone box for 1000£ and to get the phone for 1000£
Sm wg
Sm wg 2 days ago
The only way to teach these greedy companies a lesson is to boycott their stuff. If you don't like chargers and jacks being removed only for solutions to be sold separately, while driving the prices up, then don't condone those business practices by giving them your money. Buy from someone else, or buy their older products. Period.
kleins sports Tv
kleins sports Tv 2 days ago
Lord Mentalton
Lord Mentalton 3 days ago
Excellent video 👌
giocoby 3 days ago
Its all about PROFIT. Period.
Martin Stone
Martin Stone 3 days ago
If it was about Eco then they would simply give you a free charger in store and do what they have done with the smaller boxes. Sadly, it is just another means to extract more money from loyal customers.
Darkening 3 days ago
3:42 Just realised that those wireless earphones cost more than a iPhone 12 deal at 3 or EE..
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 3 days ago
For real!!
Sea Ocean
Sea Ocean 3 days ago
I didn't get any earphones with my brand new s20 FE
Alivia Osbs
Alivia Osbs 3 days ago
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Davis Designs
Davis Designs 3 days ago
*Advert:* Faster Charging and longer Battery Life *Me:* Chargers it with 5 year old charging brick
Arshad Thasim
Arshad Thasim 3 days ago
I wish Apple CEO watch this video. What they claim for no charger completely foolish. What he’s saying is correct. Buying a separate charger not only waste our money, that harms environment more. This time when I saw that without charger I totally dissatisfied.
MandoMonge 3 days ago
Not only all you said, but also Tech companies making phone repairs incredibly difficult, forcing you to get a new phone only because your battery no longer holds a charge like before or your back glass cracked
Digital_Utopia 3 days ago
1. USB-C has been around since at least the s10, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon 2. most people are changing phones about every 18 months - 2 years - because that's what the major carriers use as a lease term. 3. Charging speeds are the same between the s20 and s21, and possibly even the s22. 4. While carriers require you to return the device when upgrading, the device itself is all you need. So, with all that said, a huge percentage of users upgrading from an s20 to an s21, would still have a compatible charger and cable. If they did include one with the s21, there would be a crapton of extra chargers and cables. So yes, this decision would cut back on waste for the majority of users.
Nick Aschenbecker
You people and your smartphones that cost more than $100...
Bang Ben
Bang Ben 3 days ago
Iphone in 2030: *no phone.*
CoolvExtreme 4 days ago
9:36 do u see rick astley? U GOT RICROLLED!
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 4 days ago
Learnt a new thing today.. Not heard about GaN Chargers yet.. Thanks Man
Kameron T
Kameron T 4 days ago
And trying to make me not using apple is never gonna work Samsung.