I bought every Galaxy Note ever. 

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With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.

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Aug 27, 2020




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Comments 16 776   
Always Bolt the Bird
I had the first Note and it was so unwieldy and now I have a S21 Ultra which dwarfs it haha
FP Gamer
FP Gamer 5 hours ago
Bruh note 2
DERIC DAVID 5 hours ago
How many how many phones you have .you have all the phones in the world i think 🤔
chiriyanka  popda
chiriyanka popda 5 hours ago
awesome 😎
Αναστάσιος Αθανασιάδης
I had note 4... 2014 phone a lot better Than other today!
Luís Vieira
Luís Vieira 7 hours ago
"every Galaxy Note ever" ... are you sure ??? Don't you mean ... "till now" ??? (when you did the video, ofcourse,)
Susan Boardman
Susan Boardman 9 hours ago
The Note 4 Was A Great Phone It Really Feels Like a phone we would use today I really liked it. It feels really nice too.
Zhyar Hasan
Zhyar Hasan 18 hours ago
is note 9 still worth it in 2021? I wanna buy a phone so should I go for the note 9 or there is something else that I can get for that price in 2021?
Other Mind
Other Mind Day ago
My first smartphone ever was Samsung. And now, a decade later, I still buy Samsung devices. Waiting for a laptop, btw!
Safwan Rahman 2.0
5:35 De He Say Big A** Phone or Big S Phone?
Julie Buckman
I got a ad before this video with him in it
Monika's Left Eye
my first actually good phone was the note 5
Snoozy Day ago
well you didn't buy everything look at what year we are in now..
fareed ul hasnain
Bro where are you from Like what's your nationality
SlickFoil 2 days ago
that tshirt do be fire tho
[GD] Bred
[GD] Bred 2 days ago
Cinnamon my Cool123
Not anymore
Ronald Rodriguez
Ronald Rodriguez 2 days ago
Mid 2021 and still watching this on my Note 8. I wanted to have a Samsung Note since Note 2 came out when I was still a humble schoolboy. I had to wait until the Note 8 to when I can finally afford it. Thankfully not a year earlier or else I would have the exploding one.
Jdorffer 3 days ago
I hate white phones
Zoran Calic
Zoran Calic 3 days ago
I love my Note 20 ultra
random videos
random videos 3 days ago
My first phone was the s6 and I switched to the s10+ in 2021
random videos
random videos 3 days ago
My s6 still works by the way
trix4free 3 days ago
Galaxy note edge was my first Samsung phone, switching from iPhone, and that phone was awsome. I never looked back.
Steve C
Steve C 3 days ago
Note 4 was my baby. Great processor. Pretty good camera. Headphone jack Great large screen. S pen. Micro SD. Removable battery. Before battery packs became fashionable, just open up the back, pop your spare battery in, and off you go!
anonymous5401 3 days ago
Note 1 - Good Smartphone Note 20 Ultra - Mini Linux PC with calling and texting abalities
everlxxing 3 days ago
So you're telling me that the FE version is technically the Note 6?
phone repair adam
face reveal!!
luc_ 7306
luc_ 7306 4 days ago
11:42 General Kenobi!
enchanted flames
enchanted flames 4 days ago
Fun fact I still have a galaxy note 3 in 2021 and I love it
Tysen Malamud
Tysen Malamud 4 days ago
iPhone's are better
Esdee King
Esdee King 4 days ago
Bro u Didn't mentioned note 3 neo
6ftCastle 4 days ago
Watching this video on a note 10+ about to go pick up my note 20 Ultra this weekend
Raihan Mdgician7
Raihan Mdgician7 4 days ago
The note 10 and note 20 ultra are just very different from most android phones nowadays ,
Minty gacha
Minty gacha 4 days ago
Hey do you know I own a Samsung note 2
Minty gacha
Minty gacha 4 days ago
Hey do you know I own a Samsung note 2
ilyaas vlogs
ilyaas vlogs 4 days ago
I have the galaxy note w
Mateus Santana
Mateus Santana 4 days ago
Note 4❤️
Рикардо аллен
14:59 Нет действительно(No really)
Aizah Rica Lawi
Aizah Rica Lawi 5 days ago
Need for school
Aizah Rica Lawi
Aizah Rica Lawi 5 days ago
Wow, Can I ask for just one of it? Samsung Note 20 please
Dreamy Clouds
Dreamy Clouds 5 days ago
Why the heck does the note 2 look like the device I'm watching this on
Dreamy Clouds
Dreamy Clouds 5 days ago
A t i
A t i 5 days ago
My favorit the Note 4
Madhu mathi
Madhu mathi 5 days ago
That "SArCaSm" shirt tho
free boar
free boar 5 days ago
Yaaaa note 9 poggerrss
as soon as an apple phone says pro on the end u know it's gonna be big (literally)
thats the good thing about samsung they got 2 series wait no wasn't there an A series apple only got one series
Water Productions
See ima iPhone user but you never know I might pull the switch 👀
THEY HAD 4K IN 2013 ON A PHONE apple really has to step up their games with the MacBook when I do 4k on mine in fact no when I play Minecraft (this laptop is from my school) it sounds like its going to take off. I'm talking Minecraft edu and even when its connected to charging and its on 100 percent it still sounds like I'm listening to a space x rocket. but when I do 4k oh no no no no no. when I do 4k it glitches of youtube so I have to settle for hd
Andrea Loto
Andrea Loto 5 days ago
I love your shirt
Gabe Tappan
Gabe Tappan 5 days ago
Galaxy note 7,do I go boom,battery, yes Galaxy note 7 we go boom
Will Wu
Will Wu 5 days ago
so note lineup will stop before note 21?
KIDS Miller
KIDS Miller 5 days ago
14:58 "the S Pen easily glides in and glides out" ;o
Sphiwe Ngobeni
Sphiwe Ngobeni 5 days ago
Please share me one phone please 🙏🙏🙏
Josh 5 days ago
I've had every note phone and I only cared for the 2-5-8. Great video.
amardhall3112 5 days ago
Owned every one of these phones and now note 20 ultra .. not sure what's next
ThatCarGuy 17
ThatCarGuy 17 5 days ago
I had a note 3, my favorite phone I get had
Neha K
Neha K 6 days ago
Galaxy Note 1 is my first smart phone
damarakrishna 6 days ago
Miss Note 10 Lite
Kits Sam
Kits Sam 6 days ago
Now you own the universe
Please Help me Reach 1k subs
I Have 8
Gagan Brar
Gagan Brar 6 days ago
Bro you forgot about note 10 lite
nobody 6 days ago
Hey i dont care about the phones WHERE DID YOU GOT THAT T-SHIRT I WANT IT
MikeTheSith200 7 days ago
I've had every Note since the 3. Loved them all. Note 5 was my least favorite.. Great video!!
MikeTheSith200 4 days ago
@Thiago Profili lack of SD card. Other than that it was pretty awesome.
Thiago Profili
Thiago Profili 4 days ago
Really? I loved my note 5, why didnt you like it?
bryan hamilton
bryan hamilton 7 days ago
I love the notes best phones ever i started with note 10 plus never went back
Rayon Williams
Rayon Williams 3 days ago
So you'd recommend it for sure right? What's one problem u have with it and how's the camera?
Kage_ Dragon!
Kage_ Dragon! 7 days ago
We just have alot of defenses
julian😎 7 days ago
Excuse me THE NOTE 3 HAS 4K?
RavelRL 7 days ago
I need that shirt.
yeetmaster the III
yeetmaster the III
Sky 7 days ago
14:57 lol
young n
young n 8 days ago
What about the s10 e?
Elvin Eldhose
Elvin Eldhose 8 days ago
I am seeing in galaxy prime +
Elvin Eldhose
Elvin Eldhose 8 days ago
I have s7 and galaxy prime + we are have Samsung phones
Elvin Eldhose
Elvin Eldhose 8 days ago
Colour is black
Elvin Eldhose
Elvin Eldhose 8 days ago
I have Samsung galaxy note 2
Ryzza5 8 days ago
After owning an S2, S3, S6 Edge and S9+ I wanted to upgrade to a Note 21 this year... the one year none released. At the same time I often avoided the Note because I knew a new S phone would be a few months away with more performance. So I've ordered a S21 Ultra (almost 50% off) with free S Pen and silicone cover from the Samsung website. I'd rather the pen be stored inside the phone but we'll see how I manage. I have always avoided using phone cases.
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 8 days ago
You have Um a lot of time in your hands! ☝🏾🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😁😃😄😆🤣😂😅👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Great video!
Sidharath Vashisht
Awesome 👌👌👌👌👌
Rasheed Hashem
Rasheed Hashem 9 days ago
Wow this great video
3 Amal
3 Amal 9 days ago
BenChuTV 9 days ago
This is aran
《 Miracunini 》
Me who uses a Note8
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 9 days ago
Why is everyone being nostalgic over phones
Andrew H
Andrew H 4 days ago
You have different models on you at all times for many years
andres piz
andres piz 10 days ago
hey i saw my phone its the note 9
what is cheese?
what is cheese? 10 days ago
So much RAM, DAM
CLIP N CLIPS 10 days ago
Where is Note 10 lite my boss
hydrolixz 🎶
hydrolixz 🎶 10 days ago
i still have the note 3
Vahid Battal
Vahid Battal 10 days ago
You forgot note 10 lite
Sillen Erwin
Sillen Erwin 10 days ago
I want that shirt
Vinay Prasad sahu
Vinay Prasad sahu 11 days ago
I was watching this vid on a note 10 lite
TBNRPRO GAMEZ 11 days ago
When the galaxy note 1 came out I was 9 months old
TBNRPRO GAMEZ 11 days ago
I have Samsung galaxy j2 core
Might've Been Mero
Might've Been Mero 11 days ago
I just love when he peels the plastic off the screen.
LO-FI KXD 2 6 days ago
Disteh /
Disteh / 12 days ago
OMG like all of them? 😂 this is interesting….
bryan esh
bryan esh 12 days ago
georgeos video
Brian E
Brian E 12 days ago
man that's an amazing collection -- all new in the box!? That must have taken some time and effort, nice work!
Six Sky Diver
Six Sky Diver 12 days ago
You know, I kinda like the design of Samsung Phones. But what I can't understand, is all the S7, Note, Galaxy Edge, like which is which and why just one phone line?
Mac Maniac
Mac Maniac 13 days ago
“62 Preinstalled Apps.” Me with more Apps than I could ever literally count:
Rex Jonga
Rex Jonga 13 days ago
"Lol, I'm thinking it too"... This killed me
Rinngheta Hruaitluanga