iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11 / XR / SE Battery Life DRAIN Test. 

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Full Battery Life Drain Test of every iPhone Apple sells - iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone SE. To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-m...

Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: uslift.info/one/lWrOmsWVsWh1mG0/video.html
Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison: uslift.info/one/f2i5zNB413xotqQ/video.html

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Oct 23, 2020




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Comments 15 269   
Mrwhosetheboss 9 months ago
I've tried to making this the easiest to follow battery test I've ever made (It's also the first on the internet!) So do give it a watch, and I hope you like it! To enter my iPhone 12 Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway Or to see my iPhone 12 Unboxing: uslift.info/one/lWrOmsWVsWh1mG0/video.html Or full iPhone 12 / 12 Pro camera comparison: uslift.info/one/f2i5zNB413xotqQ/video.html
Musab Meraj
Musab Meraj Month ago
Can 8 have one
Yomosh Rana
Yomosh Rana Month ago
Kingvgghch Vbcbbcbvcv
Pebble Time
Pebble Time 3 months ago
E Woah! This was the last comment I wrote here ;) was lucky enough... now u can’t reply here more 😂
SlowMo 6 months ago
Which should a person choose 11 pro max OR 12 pro🤔🤔
Mary murphy
Mary murphy 8 hours ago
Please give me a phone
Soufyan Slimani
Guys should I get the 11 or 12 i like the design of the 12 more but the 5g is killing the battery live
Toxic Turtle 28
Why is the iPhone 11 doing like 30% worse than the iPhone 11 pro, when the 11 pro has a OLED screen, better resolution, and more ppi ( pixels per inch) to display? it says it has a tiny difference than the iPhone 11. very confusing :/
Ulisses Villegas
Yeah o don’t get tht either lol
TheGinger Gamer
I have an iPhone XR that has been used non stop since it was bought which was 2018 and my battery health is like at 91% and my battery lasts longer than my mums brand new iPhone 12 and my Dad’s pretty new iPhone SE but my phone is great
ammar faisal
ammar faisal Day ago
My grandma has a nokia he charges it after like 2 weeks 😂 Nokia the real 👑
RedFox 2 days ago
My A11 can go over 12 hours, but this is after a few months of charging while using it, going down to 5% everyday, etc. It's battery is simply OP.
SickSkidMate 2 days ago
Yeh 8 hours is good for battery life but can we talk about the phone on the right lasting longer than all the others??
Juice 2 days ago
What phone does everyone have?
salim lafsahi
salim lafsahi 2 days ago
the iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max exit 2020☺️☺️
Donik 2 days ago
iphone se: 3h 58min 52 sec 96milliseconds iphone XR: 4h 31min 21sec 3milliseconds iphone 11: 5h 8min 39sec 15milliseconds iphone 12 pro: 6h 34min 32sec 65milliseconds iphone 12: 6h 41min 6min 6milliseconds iphone 11 pro: 7h 36min 29sec 67milliseconds iphone 11 pro max: 8h 29min 20sec 3milliseconds. I HAVE TRY TO STOP ON THE SAME TIME. PLACE ONE: IPHONE 11 PRO MAX PLACE TWO: IPHONE 11 PRO PLACE TRHEE: IPHONE 12 PLACE FOUR: IPHONE 12 PRO PLACE FIVE: IPHONE 11 PLACE SIX: IPHONE XR OR 10R PLACE SEVEN: IPHONE SE:
Spexz 2 days ago
My xr can stay 6-7 hours cuz low battery mode starting on 100%
Farhan.k Chelari
Farhan.k Chelari 3 days ago
Why are you don't include the 12 mini
Donik 2 days ago
Here it is the 12 mini ⬇️⬇️⬇️ uslift.info/one/h4SsuaeirX2Epaw/video.html
Donik 2 days ago
The 12 Mini have a Small battery, and have just 5h or 6h
Gurjeet chahal
Gurjeet chahal 3 days ago
Sohir Saad
Sohir Saad 3 days ago
I want iPhone 12 please I subscribed I liked I turned on post notifications I did everything
Aleksandr Iarkov
Aleksandr Iarkov 4 days ago
The iPhone is perfect... if you don't use it much.
Arnie D.
Arnie D. 4 days ago
Hi, your videos are amazing, I subbed, liked, and turned on notifications, I have watched all ur vids, this really helped cause I’m getting a new phone soon, thank you!
Raven Harper
Raven Harper 4 days ago
I phone 12 project
Ataul Karim
Ataul Karim 4 days ago
Pls give it to me
Johnathon Slaven
Johnathon Slaven 4 days ago
I have an iPhone SE 2020 and I am a light user and the battery has never died on me while I’m on the go.
Omkar speed
Omkar speed 5 days ago
I did not get any one of those iphone 12 because I am stupid late
Jay Wilkinson
Jay Wilkinson 5 days ago
Just upgraded from xr to 12 and I’m happy with the battery difference
Md Safim
Md Safim 5 days ago
Please give me one iPhone
Billione 5 days ago
Zinx 5 days ago
Literally coming from a person who uses an iPhone XR, I totally agree with your statement on how the iPhone 11 is better value.
Maysar Ali
Maysar Ali 6 days ago
Tell me your rich without telling me your rich
Flower Gacha65
Flower Gacha65 6 days ago
reminder:just buy the iphone 11pro
Mido Slajufm
Mido Slajufm 6 days ago
We need The mini and Max editions of iPhone 12
RCP GAMING 6 days ago
one thing to remember is that he made this test with full brightness on
Khizr Islam
Khizr Islam 6 days ago
Can we see some Pixel 5 battery comparison
K R A C 6 days ago
Plz can u give me one.. 😭
daniel tucker
daniel tucker 9 days ago
when will the next giveaway come
Doktor ALLES
Doktor ALLES 9 days ago
The iPhone Xr back the and now is still a good phone. 200 dollars on eBay is quiet good. It also has this overheat protection.
André Gimenes Sant
Please do this with ihone 13 when realeased please! thanks
محمد الفقيه
wow what a video Man you rock ! I really appreciate that amaizing efforts, I was hesitant about which to go for but now i know what i want, battery waise
shugh141 11 days ago
This is timelapsed so my dude had to speak very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very slow
Anthony Moca
Anthony Moca 11 days ago
Plot twist: The iPhone with the timer was the one that really won the test
Ruben 2008
Ruben 2008 12 days ago
My SE holds 7 hours
Prasiddha Nepal
Prasiddha Nepal 13 days ago
Iphone 11 pro could be the best one cause of it's size and battery life.
adasek555 X
adasek555 X 13 days ago
Iphone 12 na tomto videu vydržal 6:41h a na druhom videu som videl že vydržal 10hours
Rounak Raj Surana
Rounak Raj Surana 13 days ago
Hello, I have one question if you could revert back to this one comment, I recently bought a iphone 11pro max May1st ans its been only 2and half months and my battery health has come down to 98%, Well i don’t know wat should i do. Is it normal ?? Or should i report jt to the company ?? I am not a rough user, or a gamer to use my phone so much, but this fall in battery health made me doubt my investment 😭
Bracha H.
Bracha H. 13 days ago
My android asus and idk what: 12h 32m
Xander Veal
Xander Veal 13 days ago
I think the se also works for kids as it still has good specs but isn’t so expensive that you wouldn’t trust them with it.
Tech Glide
Tech Glide 14 days ago
6:57 please do that I want to see
Tech Glide
Tech Glide 14 days ago
GKWINZ 14 days ago
Why didn't you use the iphone 12 pro max ?
tvrhd2021 întro pauză
Shortest to Longest iPhone battery lives: iPhone SE: 3:58:52.52 iPhone XR: 4:30:39.97 iPhone 11: 5:08:27 iPhone 12 Pro: 6:34:31 iPhone 12: 6:41:05 iPhone 11 Pro: 7:36:27 iPhone 11 Pro Max: 8:29:08.02
Kenzie Plays
Kenzie Plays 15 days ago
My iPhone is the SE, My mini battery review- goes down fast but charges fast:/ it’s a great phone, great for my tiny hands 😂, and it’s high quality
OUTLAW مجرم 16 days ago
I will buy 11max if i had the money.
Steven Euceda
Steven Euceda 16 days ago
I really whish to have an iPhone and not lying I really all my life I wanted won and never got won it's just how do we the poor and the rich get more than the poor that cant a Ford that much I wish I have won at least the iphone XR or any I wolde whish for but il get it some day some day 😥
Inspiration and Art
😤 Nadie habla taka taka cómo yio? 👀
Barbara Frazier
Barbara Frazier 17 days ago
Him: amog us Me: ding ding ding ding ding
Alek 18 days ago
I have the iPhone 11 Pro and it’s the best! 🤌😍💪
Djiekd 14 days ago
How you buy it I don’t see it in the apple store?
MrKamoru 19 days ago
two year today on my iphone 11 pro battery capacity 96
Dragon Stars
Dragon Stars 19 days ago
samsunge have the best battaries
Ziga Mikeli
Ziga Mikeli 19 days ago
My iphone 6s: Wanna se me die in 2mins?
Sandwich Man
Sandwich Man 19 days ago
Me watching on my iPhone 11 Pro: Hehehehehe Battery go Brrrrrrrrrrr (Fr tho coming from a 6s is just amazing)
WizHard pubg
WizHard pubg 20 days ago
No one reply our comments
Mustafa Sarıkaya
Apple makes a mistake by reducing the battery capacity. why degrade the battery while improving your processor? On 12 pro it should have been 3500-4000 mAh.
Mewing Does Cringe
But if your not using the iphone 12 24/7 and have the brightness half way which is average it lasts 16 hours
Wild 21 day ago
We need every iPhone!
Flower Gacha65
Flower Gacha65 6 days ago
ur money will be a waste -,-
WHOAMI WHOAMI 21 day ago
Bundacivic 23 days ago
This video was watched on the iphone xr
Tendo88 24 days ago
I wanna buy an SE but is it worth it ? I want it to play pubg mobile
Ryan Tomei-Sigurðarson
Weird that u included the 2019 flagship and not the 2020 flagship...
Claudia Flores
Claudia Flores 25 days ago
I like your channel
G-Bros 25 days ago
This is every IPhone app- hello dark-
Juan Rendon
Juan Rendon 25 days ago
Iphone SE with 3000mAh would have been a very amazing good phone
jim gentile
jim gentile 25 days ago
Channel gaming
Channel gaming 26 days ago
Me waching this knowing that i'll never own one of theese...
Manoj Gupta
Manoj Gupta 26 days ago
I bought XR in 2021
Musabbir Rahman
Musabbir Rahman 27 days ago
meanwhile me buying iPhone XR in 2021 *chuckles*
Liam Fraser
Liam Fraser 27 days ago
Me : owns an iPhone XR in July 2021
Joginder Rathi
Joginder Rathi 27 days ago
Iphone se battery draining with seconds🤣🤣
Mr Beast Lover
Mr Beast Lover 27 days ago
iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro are sus
Zvonkylicious 27 days ago
Iphone XS MAX : I’m a joke to you?
Demon 27 days ago
MrChopTop 28 days ago
Forget you dude I love my xr apple is paying you to say these things lol
Robert chen
Robert chen 28 days ago
Man, my dude these really crazy iphones r against with others. U should do all the iphones 10 models
𝗔𝗡 𝟬𝟬𝟮 𝗔𝗟
Iphone 11pro: im the best Iphone 11pro max :on your right dummy Iphone thats holding the time :Hold my minutes 🪧both of you
𝗔𝗡 𝟬𝟬𝟮 𝗔𝗟
I subscribed today !
Tami's Episode
Tami's Episode 29 days ago
V Orange
V Orange 29 days ago
He should not judge by the iPhones just because about the size and battery
Chicken27 Month ago
I have an Xr still runs fine and has good battery life for my day to day use
mohd afthash
mohd afthash 6 days ago
Bro i might thinking to buy iPhone xr next week. What's your opinion???
Armaan Singh
Armaan Singh Month ago
Why does the notch feel smaller on the 11 series?
Zozo Semps
Zozo Semps Month ago
I was literally about to buy a XR. I think I’ll still go with it. I would only be using it for music, social media and calls and texts. I use the 8th generation iPad for Watching stuff, gaming, etc.
Sao Vậy
Sao Vậy Month ago
Iphone 11 pro max
ACEvy9000 Month ago
apple is sus
ACEvy9000 Month ago
@Shamaki vera shamaki ok
Shamaki vera shamaki
@ACEvy9000 he fixed mine in *Instagram*
ACEvy9000 Month ago
@Shamaki vera shamaki who is he? or she?
rhoda roy
rhoda roy Month ago
@Shamaki vera shamaki thanks for recommending me to him
Shamaki vera shamaki
Mine fixed just now with the help of *kriphack*
Suresh Roy
Suresh Roy Month ago
He have all
JaxLundy Month ago
MrBeast6000 Month ago
Wow magic0
crAzy wafle v2
crAzy wafle v2 Month ago
But apple doesn’t sell iPhone 11pro and pro man now
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics Month ago
The iPhone 11 was a hair off full brightness and the XR was on full brightness
Aleks Georgiev
Aleks Georgiev Month ago
Ngl if you dont push the se at everything at max, you can get a good day out of it (the max was like 5 hours)
Nassar Nassar
Nassar Nassar Month ago
Is so boring
arjun kothari
arjun kothari Month ago
Battery is a big deal
KFC Junior
KFC Junior Month ago
Me with my s10 plus looking at those capacities: hah cute
Loudspeaker Tests & More By Aidan Shane Wade
8 hours and 30 minutes for the 11 Pro Max? I’d still would leave it on a portable charger 24/7 to reduce battery health.
The Controller Team
Him when SE dies at 4 hours: not good at all Me: my samsung galaxy s7 can last 2 hours with USlift running and 8 hours when it's off how good is that!
Yoi Hoi
Yoi Hoi Month ago
I have the XR it’s pretty much just a X but cheaper tbh
Lokesh Chand
Lokesh Chand Month ago
Imagine Apple showing this and claiming the new iPhone 12S beats 8hr 46 min mark by far.
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